Monday, September 30, 2013

How to make incense sticks

You may like to know how to make incense sticks manually by hand roll.
This article i wrote to inscrutable and now think to post my blog.

Incense sticks are used by many communities in the world daily for performing worships and for special occasion. 

In Asian countries use incense sticks in daily for their pujja ceremonies. So it has good demand for this business. This Industry has long history and it can be set-up with less investment. 

You require only low technology for manufacturing. Basically sticks are rolled by hands. If you can invest much money you can buy machines also. There are many different types of incense sticks used for different purposes or on different festive days.

you also can make incense sticks by hand roll using following method.

step 1: 

You'll Need following things to made sticks

Bamboo sticks - There are two difference sizes 7" and 10"

Wood glue - In Sri Lanka and India used wood power call "patta" , "bummi powder" or 
1.Jigat power.

2.Charcoal powder - burning wood powder

Unburned Wood powder -sawdusts
Sandalwood powder


Perfumes - fragrance oils
Most used fragrance oils are (Perfumes)

step 2: 
Supplying of raw materials
Supplying of raw materials also good small business you can start in small investment. The new generation always tries to earn money online without doing anything, but
my suggestion is you have to do work to earn money yourself.
So in this industry have many opportunities to earn extra money I�ll tell steps by steps how to do its.
First you need bamboo sticks to make incense sticks.

A . How to make bamboo sticks.
You need following materials to make bamboo sticks
Bamboo tree
Hand saw
Large knife
Small knife and blades
step 3: Bamboo nodes

1. Bamboo trees can find out in any countries. First you have to cross cut bamboo to 10" or 7" inchers size leaving out nodes as follows,


step 4: 

split to slats

2. Using a knife the pieces are split in to slats & silver .


step 5: 
Now you put sticks to sun-dried and ready to make incense sticks.

you can do this Bamboo sticks supply also as a small business. 

B. Charcoal powder - burned wood powder
This is very easy make. you can collect burned wood and grind its. Coconut cell powder or bamboo burned powder are very good to use as charcoal power for sticks.

step 7: hand rall
Now you need little experience to roll sticks to bamboo sticks.

first mixed the above materials to following ratio.
Wood glue( Jigat power)+ Charcoal powder + sawdust + Sandalwood powder = 1:2:.1: .5

mixed this all together and used water to prepare glue.

how to Handrall -